Patios & Decks

Patio and Deck Services

Decks and patios can make a great addition to any home. The expert contractors atDistinctive Carpentry By Josh Nelson, LLC can take your space and create an outdoor living area that is second to none.

We offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from when considering the construction of your outdoor deck or patio.

Our team will create the perfect outdoor structure customized to your tastes and needs.


Comfort, Value & Craftsmanship

Any exterior addition can not only add value to your home, but also allow for years of comfort, happiness, and relaxation for you and your family. Distinctive Carpentry by Josh Nelson, LLC brings the highest levels of craftsmanship and professionalism when providing you with your new deck or patio. We use some of the highest quality products around, ensuring that we build you a quality deck or patio that lasts you a lifetime. The experts at Distinctive Carpentry by Josh Nelson, LLC have many years of experience in this area. With our unsurpassed craftsmanship we will create the perfect outdoor living area customized to fit your desires.

Patio Maintenance and More


While no exterior structure is completely maintenance-free, many of the products we use require only simple annual upkeep. We will provide you with all necessary maintenance instructions for your structure and plantings as well as any material warranty information. We understand that you don’t want to have to continually perform maintenance on your new outdoor deck or patio. That’s why we do it right the first time. We build quality patios and decks so that they last you a life time. When you choose Distinctive Carpentry By Josh Nelson, LLC you truly are choosing a contractor you can trust.

EPA Certification

Distinctive Carpentry is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a certified renovator and will test the existing surfaces for the presence of lead paint before any project is started on a structure that was built before 1978. If lead paint is present all work will be completed in accordance with the EPAs Lead Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule. Following this procedure will add cost to your project but will protect not only the health of your children, yourself and the environment but also with ensure that no delays are created due to EPA enforcement actions due to code violations.

Our Warranty

As with all of our projects, we will finish your job as per the original scheduled completion date. Upon final punch-list and inspections by township officials, your project will be complete. All workmanship is guaranteed for one year or when property is sold, whichever comes first.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any building needs and are looking for a contractor that truly cares about craftsmanship and long lasting relationships.