There are many people who often spend large amounts of time decorating or renovating the interior of their homes to make it feel warm and welcoming. Why not do the same to your home’s exterior? Your home is an extension of your personality and personal style, so you want to keep the outside of your home looking better than it did when you first bought it! Whether it’s stucco, vinyl siding, concrete, asphalt, or wood shingles, we can take your existing home exterior and make it great again.



Using the highest grade materials, we ensure that your property is kept in pristine condition. Our team of highly trained experts take great care of your property during the installation process. When we help you with your new exterior renovation, we will not only provide you with the best service around, but we will inspect your existing structure so that we can recommend fixing any problems before we start your new project. When you work with Distinctive Carpentry by Josh Nelson, LLC you can expect to have remodeling services that meet even your highest expectations, finished in a timely manner. When we tell you a deadline, we stick to it! When we are finished completing your home renovation, and the final inspection has been completed, we offer a two year warranty from the date of completion.

We want to make sure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with the end results of their project, and that it lasts a lifetime. We know how much time, money, and effort you put into maintaining your home and making sure it looks as great as possible, and we want to help. If you are looking for a contractor who truly cares about craftsmanship and end results, and who knows how to maintain long lasting relationships with all clients, call Josh Nelson at Distinctive Carpentry today. We promise you’ll love the end results.

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