5289911 - wide angle of theater roomThere is a common misconception that basements are made for storage, however that does not need to be the case in your home! At Distinctive Carpentry By Josh Nelson, LLC we can transform your basement from a dull storage area to a luxury entertainment area. Theater rooms, bars, wine cellars, and so much more can be in your very own home with one simple call to Josh Nelson at Distinctive Carpentry.

Basements are often not used to their full potential because they are overlooked. Finishing your basement has a number of benefits that both you and your family can enjoy. A finished basement not only provides a beautiful addition to your home, but it allows for more living and entertainment space for you, your family, and your guests. What you want your basement to be is up to you. From a home theater to a bar or even a kids’ playroom, Distinctive Carpentry By Josh Nelson, LLC can help you create your dream basement.
In addition to the added living and entertainment space a basement can add, basements also allow you to put extra bathrooms into your home. If you have a big family, or have visitors over often, adding an extra basement provides high levels of convenience for everyone in the home. Whether it is just a powder room, half or full bath, an additional bathroom in your home will always be put to use! Distinctive Carpentry By Josh Nelson, LLC uses the highest quality sewage ejector pumps so that you can put a bathroom anywhere in your basement without having to worry about existing sewage line locations.

005If you are considering redoing your basement, call Josh Nelson at Distinctive Carpentry by Josh Nelson, LLC today. Josh works with the highest quality products ensuring that your new finished basement is not only everything you need, but lasts you a life time. We want you and your family to have the best. Don’t settle for just any contractor for your basement project. Call the experts at Distinctive Carpentry By Josh Nelson, LLC for all your finished basement needs and we promise you will be nothing less than thrilled with the result of your project.

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