Bathroom Remodeling


As the most-used areas of your home, kitchens and bathrooms are always a top priority for remodeling or upgrading . At Distinctive Carpentry, we specialize in rapid completions. Performed in a clean, safe and professional manner, our method minimizes your inconvenience without compromising our high standard of workmanship. While kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most requested, we can upgrade/remodel any room in your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

KitchenMany bathrooms that get remodeled include various features such as multiple shower heads, frameless shower doors and heated floors. Our shower bases are constructed using a double vinyl pan which is sandwiched between wet beds; this is critical to our tile shower design and ensures you will not have to worry about leaks.

Using a variety of different design elements, we can make the most use of your bathroom space, creating a bathroom that makes even your wildest expectations become reality. Your bathroom should be clean looking, spacious, and highly functional. Distinctive Carpentry can make that happen. Whether it’s heated floors, more cabinet space, or vanity work, we will make sure your bathroom is custom-designed to be everything you wanted and more.

EPA Certification

Distinctive Carpentry is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a certified renovator and will test the existing surfaces for the presence of lead paint before any project is started on a structure that was built before 1978. If lead paint is present all work will be completed in accordance with the EPAs Lead Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule. Following this procedure will add cost to your project but will protect not only the health of your children, yourself and the environment but also with ensure that no delays are created due to EPA enforcement actions due to code violations.

Our Warranty

As with all of our projects, we will finish your job as per the original scheduled completion date. Upon final punch-list and inspections by township officials, your project will be complete. All workmanship is guaranteed for one year or when property is sold, whichever comes first.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any building needs and are looking for a contractor in the area that truly cares about craftsmanship and long lasting relationships.

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